State Plan

2017-2021 State Plan Goals and Objectives

2017-2021 STATE PLAN

Goals and Objectives

  • Goal 1: People with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and others will have increased information, education, and public awareness to participate in all aspects of community life and take part in decisions that affect their lives and the lives of others.
    • Objective 1:  By 2021, educate and provide information to people with I/DD, their family members and others to increase leadership opportunities and inclusive participation in community activities.
    • Objective 2:  By 2021, ACDD will collaborate with transportation agencies, state and local agencies, organizations, and advocacy groups to identify and implement strategies to eliminate barriers to transportation for people with I/DD and others in targeted communities.
    • Objective 3:  By 2021, ACDD will support activities that increase the knowledge of employers, providers, people with I/DD and their families, and others about the benefit of having people with I/DD participate in community-based workforce and volunteer activities.
    • Objective 4:  By 2021, ACDD will support leadership development and advocacy training for families and people with I/DD; including young adults and others that will increase their knowledge about self-determination, service delivery systems, person-centered supports, educating and influencing policy-makers, and awareness of rights under state and federal law.
    • Objective 5:  For each year of the state plan, in collaboration with the DD Network Partners, ACDD will strengthen at least one statewide advocacy organization, support leadership training opportunities for self-advocates, and support and expand participation of self-advocates in cross disability and culturally diverse coalitions.
    • Objective 6:  In collaboration with people with I/DD, their families, and stakeholders, the ACDD will reduce language barriers for Hispanic families in targeted areas when they are accessing information and referral services and services.

  • Goal 2: Support Systems are improved so that people with I/DD and their families live and thrive in the broader community.
    • Objective 1: By 2021, the ACDD will increase the capacity of organizations serving people with I/DD and their families to improve service delivery for the people they serve.
    • Objective 2: By 2021, the ACDD will support activities to create, improve, and/or implement policies and procedures to impact access and awareness for people with I/DD
    • Objective 3: By 2021, ACDD will support initiatives to increase capacity and knowledge of people with developmental disabilities, their families, and organizations about Alabama’s Able Act and Alabama’s Managed Care Organizations through sustainable training and development and dissemination of reliable user-friendly information