ACDD periodically hosts special events of interest to people with developmental disabilities, their families, and their caregivers. Check back frequently and mark your calendar with upcoming dates.


A crucial part of empowering those with developmental disabilities is for our communities to join together to impact legislation dealing with issues of concern. Here are some important links.


Are you the parent or caregiver of a person with a developmental disability? Learn about the valuable resources available through the Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities and our network partners through the following on-demand webinar. English Spanish Korean

The Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities Click here to view a FREE one-hour webinar about the civil rights fight leading to passage of the ADA. view webinar


This resource provides an overview of the Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities. Available itn English, Spanish, and Korean. English Spanish Korean

Ready for Takeoff! View the Handbook

A Right Not A Favor View the Book

How to Speak the Language of Respect View the Brochure

For Legislative Advocates on Developmental Disabilities View the Book

Employment First for Alabamians with Disabilities View the Book

Partnering for Success! View the Brochure

Understanding Your Legal Rights view the brochure

Making Sensible Decisions about Guardianship view the brochure

The Anti-Bully Program: Do Anti-Bullying Programs Work For Children With Special Needs? view the website

For Children and Families receiving services from the Alabama Department of Human Resources view the booklet

Interacting with people with disabilities view the booklet

Act Early view the brochure