Bank of America Is Supporting People with Disabilities – Here’s How

Bank of America has committed to providing people with disabilities the opportunity to achieve economic mobility. Some of their efforts include advocating for inclusion by hiring those with disabilities across their company. Bank of America has also showed this commitment through its partnership with the Special Olympics for 30 years.

A 100 Percent Score

Bank of America scored 100 percent on the U.S. Business Leadership Network Disability Equality Index. This index is a list of companies that are leading the charge in creating inclusive policies and programs for people with disabilities of all types, both developmental and physical. Here are some of the strategies that Bank of America has implemented to gain its 100 score.

1) Creating a Disabilities Advocacy Network

Bank of America’s Disabilities Advocacy Network (DAN) takes employees that either have disabilities themselves or have family members with disabilities, and connects them to opportunities for professional and economic growth. DAN puts on forums and workshops with topics related to the disabled community.

2) Implementing staffing teams dedicated to employees with disabilities

The bank has staffing teams dedicated to inclusion and hiring a diverse group of employees. The teams partner with agencies and local community organizations to give those with developmental and physical disabilities equal access to their jobs.

3) Promoting accessible banking for customers with disabilities

Since the company hires a diverse group of employees, it’s also great at providing services for its diverse customers. Bank of America has ATMs that offer vocal instructions for those that have visual impairments. The bank even offers financial advice through Merrill Lynch, a team of advisors that specialize in special needs planning for families.

The Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities

The Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities (ACDD) advocates for the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities into the workforce. At ACDD, we support Alabamians with developmental disabilities who want to gain independence, be a contributing member of society, and live a full life. If you’d like to learn more about our services and how you can support the developmental disabilities community, contact us today.