We support

Independence. Advocacy.
Productivity. Inclusion.

Help prevent exploitation and human trafficking of those with developmental disabilities.


Alabama Developmental Disabilities Network (DD Network) Resources concerning COVID-19

2022-2026 Five Year State Plan

What does ACDD do?

The Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities (ACDD) works to achieve equality of opportunity for all citizens. We promote independence, advocacy, productivity, and inclusion for Alabamians with developmental disabilities. Through our projects and initiatives, as well as our network of resources, we help them:

  • Make the most of their educational potential
  • Find and thrive in paid employment
  • Rent, own, or modify an apartment or home
  • Gain access to and use transportation
  • Connect with organizations to coordinate healthcare and social services
  • Participate in recreational, leisure, and social activities
  • Learn leadership, self-determination, and self-advocacy
What does ACDD do?

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