Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is national Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and learn about issues that people with these disabilities face. Although everyone should commit to being empathetic and learning about the struggles of others, this month, you have the opportunity to learn as well as celebrate! Here are a few ways you can celebrate and bring awareness to those around you about intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Support with Your Mind

The biggest support that you can give to any community is to learn about the struggles that its members face. Members of an underrepresented community may feel misunderstood, and this month, you can support them by simply learning. Try attending a lecture or reading a book about the personal experiences of someone with an intellectual or developmental disability. Although there’s no way for you to step into their shoes, it could definitely become more empathetic.

Support with Your Money

Another way to support the developmental disabilities community is by helping out financially. Anyone that works for a cause knows that ultimately, you need money to help bring change. Often, organizations that support those with developmental disabilities are nonprofits and can always use donations. Of course, you can always write a check, but if you live near an activity center that serves people with developmental disabilities, call and ask what supplies they need. You could donate by buying these supplies in bulk and dropping them off.

Support with Your Time

Not everyone has the opportunity to support financially, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still support. As mentioned before, organizations that serve the developmentally disabled community are usually nonprofits, and they love to have volunteers! Clear out a Saturday on your calendar for you and your family to volunteer at an activity center. You may want to volunteer at an organization whose goal is to bring awareness, or you could volunteer by passing out flyers around the community.

Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities Encourages You to Celebrate

This month is an opportunity for you to celebrate the developmental disabilities community – and it’s also an opportunity to help bring awareness about the struggles that people with these disabilities face. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today.